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Community Garden 

Our community garden is located on NE 22nd Street and North Cleveland Avenue and we're currently doing fall planting. Our garden is a part of a larger network of community gardens affiliated with the N.C. Cooperative Extension in Forsyth County and we also received help from the Office of Sustainability at Wake Forest.

Food Pantry

Our mobile food pantry goes to neighborhoods such as Crystal Towers and Sunrise Towers and hands out free food donated by community partners. And as of November 2021, Neighborhood's Hands has started a Kids Foods Pantry at Pickett Elementary at Lexington, NC that happens every Monday.

Food Distribution

Our organization regularly hands out food at local events hosted by other local non-profits.

Workforce Development Classes

Our organization believes that proper education and training can lift people out of poverty and change their lives. Our current workforce develop classes are Monday through Thursday at 11:00 AM-2:00 PM.

Public Computer Lab

Our public computer lab is open Monday through Thursday at !0:00 AM-4:00 PM. People are free to use our computers for school work, job hunting, and other important needs.

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