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Neighborhood's Hands

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Please click on video to see Spectrum Featured Neighborhoodshands at work...............

WXII-12 - Piedmont Triad organizations working to combat food insecurity click here

Winston-Salem 1,200 families helped in Winston-Salem food giveaway Monday Journal - click here


"Since I became a part of Neighborhood's Hands, it has been a life changing experience for me and for Unity In The Heart Ministries Movement Members. We have been able to serve the community because of the resources that are supplied by and through Neighborhood's Hands. And for this we are so grateful to be a part of Neighborhood's Hands" Alice R

"I appreciate Neighborhood's Hands and everything they do for the kids in the community. It is a blessing for us. Thank you Dr. Patterson" Sonya H.

Thank you for visiting Neighborhood's Hands website....

Neighborhood's Hands is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization which consists of four separate programs.

The first program is the "Virtual Learning Centers" which are located in two separate locations, at 1713 N. Liberty Street, Winston-Salem, NC (Site A) and at 1135 E. 15th Street, Winston-Salem, NC (Site B) also known as the "Cleveland Avenue Learning Center". Neighborhood's Hands goals and measurable outcomes focus on the progress of each student and to afford them the same learning opportunities as other students. Thus, the students who have attended our virtual learning centers grades have increased along with their class participation. Our virtual learning centers have received numerous "praises" from different parents and teachers regarding how well their students are doing in class.

The second program is the "Food Pantry" distribution. Neighborhood's Hands was listed as one of the City of Winston-Salem food sites under the "Think Orange" section. Our organization was able to distribute "200" hot meals a day Monday-Friday, thereby, "1000" hot meals a week to the residents of the community. In addition, our organization has partnered with the Second Harvest Food Bank and Food Lion (Store #1510) to distribute perishable foods every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to the community. As well, our organization provides a "Free" food box to at least "100" different families every week.

The third program is the "Mentorship" program. This program is designated for both male and female participants from the ages (12-24). Each mentee is paired with a mentor who is a business professional within the community. Such mentors are attorneys, counselors, teachers, nurses, bank managers, pastors, etc. Thus, each mentor/mentee meets once a week to discuss the mentee's concerns and to provide positive guidance and feedback.

The fourth program is the "GED/High School Diploma, Job Readiness Skills, and Reentry" programs. These programs are "Free" and available for anyone over the age of 16 years old. Through Forsyth Technical Community College we have established the GED/High School Diploma program. Through other partnering agencies we have established the Job Readiness Skills and Reentry programs. Thus, our organization has assisted several individuals in obtaining their High School Diploma and assisted several individuals in obtaining gainful employment.

1713 North Liberty Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27105

Contact us @ 336.391.0218 or [email protected]

"Feeding and Educating All"

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